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    About us
    Belongs to Health Icon Group, Singapore (Head company obtained the GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices Certification). Founded in 2006, Amicus Asia Pacific (Wuhan) Pte.Ltd. is a leading supplier in Asia through the design, testing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of premium quality branded and private-label hygienic products such as wet wipes, pre-moistened beauty mask sheets, sachet products and wiper sheets.
     We have a very large portfolio of hygienic products from housebrands to private-labels & contract packaging across a wide variety of applications. Our operations & manufacturing facility in China is ISO9001:2008 certified by SGS International and cosmetic GMP certified by the Health Sciences Authority of the Ministry of Health.
    Amicus is constantly developing innovative hygienic products for new applications for our housebrands and private-label customers. Our housebrands are available in different categories through PharmCare、Q+、Kiss-Me-Honey in personal and home care, Belove in baby care. We also work very closely with our customers for private labels and contract packaging on existing range and as well as technically demanding niched products.
     Amicus Asia Pacific (Wuhan) Pte.Ltd is committed to be the “best-value & reliable” producer of hygienic products, providing quick product turnaround from our highly efficient operational systems and through our excellent connectivity within the region & wide network of FTAs with the world. We will be pro-active, transparent & responsive to ensure our customers physical & intellectual properties are protected.
    Amicus has warehouse in Singapore and Malaysia. Collectively at Amicus, we hold the vision to be a world-class manufacturing partner to our customers in supplying hygienic products globally from China、Singapore and Malaysia to the WORLD.
    Contact Us
    we welcome any enquiry on our products and/or contract packaging services. Or if you have used our products or services, please give us your comments so that we can make it even better for you.

    Quality & Operations
     Amicus Asia Pacific (Wuhan) Pte.Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS International for our Quality Management System and we also operate in strict compliance to the guidelines of cosmetic GMP certified by the Health Sciences Authority from the Ministry of Health. We conduct regular quality and safety meetings with all stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement in quality & operational excellence at all levels, including regular audits on suppliers and at the same time audits conducted by our customers.
    Quality Policy
    We are committed to pursue quality and operational excellence at all levels in providing total solutions to our customers. We will continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.
    Liquid Manufacturing
    All water used in our products have undergone stringent purification & treatment processes using advanced dual-membrane (micro-filtration and reverse osmosis) and ultraviolet technologies before it is being blended into prescribed formulation. The highest quality of our purified water and manufactured liquids are ensured through routine sampling for in-house and external microbiological testing.
    Product Manufacturing
    All hygienic products such as wet wipes, mask sheets, sachet products and wiper sheets will undergo stringent quality control at all levels of manufacturing from starting materials, liquid manufacturing, intermediate products to finished products by our team of highly-skilled production & quality specialists. An environment monitoring programme over the key production areas ensure our products are always manufactured consistently under safe hygienic conditions.

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